Veterinary Services


Routine Examinations and Wellness Care

Preventative Medicine examinations

Allergy Consultations and Allergy management

Ophthalmic diseases and diagnostics

Orthopedic examinations and OFA Certification

Endocrine testing and consultations


Soft tissue and elective surgery

Emergency surgery

Brachycephalic airway surgery

Emergency and Critical Care

Oxygen therapy

Transfusion medicine

Feeding tubes

IV Fluid therapy and support

Emergency procedures and treatments

Reproductive Medicine

Artificial Insemination

Breeding soundness exams

Surgical AI and Reproductive management

Radiology and Contrast Imaging

Digital Radiology

Dr. Pechman Radiology Consultation Services

Pet Pharmacy

In-house prescription pharmacy

Compounding pharmacy options


Routine Puppy/Kitten and Adult vaccinations

Health Certificates for travel

Vaccine titers

Dental Surgery and Dental Procedures

Simple and complex dental extractions

Dental radiology

Oral surgery

Root Canals and endodonics

Routine dental cleanings

Maxillary and mandibular fracture repair

Oncology Services and Consultations

Cancer treatment plans and diagnostics

In-house Chemotherapy


Abdominal and Thoracic imaging

Ultrasound-guided needle aspiration

Laboratory Services

In-house CBC and Blood Chemistry Analyzer

Thyroid screens

Fecal testing

Cytology and Microscopic Evaluations

Heartworm Testing

Antech Diagnostics referral laboratory services

Boarding and Grooming

Upscale and clean kennel facility

Separate feline boarding rooms

Bathing, ear cleaning and nail trims


Compassion. Community. Comprehensive care.